How can I get UQLab?

The UQLab software is split into a content management system (UQLabCore) which is closed source and subjected to licensing, and a set of scientific modules (UQLabModules) which are available open source (3-Clause BSD).

The complete software package and the license for the UQLabCore can be obtained through the UQLab website. The registration is free of charge for users affiliated with academic institutions (universities, public research centers, etc.). Follow these steps to get UQLab:

  1. Go to the Registration page (under Download/Install) on the UQLab website.

  2. Make sure that you read and accept the End User License Agreement.

  3. Fill in your details in the Registration Form and click Submit.

NB: You need an academic email address for this process.

Non-academic users registration
The web interface is currently only available for academic users identified by their academic email addresses used in the registration process. Non-academic email addresses are filtered out and the registration will be ignored. You can request a 30-day demo license or a non-academic license to the UQLab Development Team by filling in the Contact Form.

  1. You will receive in your mailbox a request from the UQLab Development Team to Activate your email. Click the link to proceed.


  1. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation that Your email has been validated.


  1. As soon as your request is processed (this usually takes less than an hour during office hours in the Central European Time), you will receive an email with the UQLabCore license file attached, along with the instructions to download and install UQLab. Follow them to complete your UQLab installation.


Haven’t received your license yet? If after two days you haven’t received your UQLabCore license file, first check your spam folder. If the email is not there, then make sure again you used a valid academic email address during the registration process. If this is OK, fill in the Contact Form on the UQLab website to ask support from the UQLab Development Team.

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