UQLab V.1.3 now available

The new version of UQLab (V1.3) was released on September 19, 2019 !

Congratulations to the dev team, especially @ste for the project management and coordination, and Emiliano and Moustapha for their major contributions !!

Two new modules are released in V1.3:

  • Reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) allows the user to solve optimization problems (e.g. minimize a cost function) under probabilistic constraints (e.g. ensuring a sufficiently small probability of failure). This module provides a user-friendly syntax to pose RBDO problems in no time and solve them by combining any optimization algorithm, reliability analysis method and surrogate model already available in UQLab (module developed by @moustapha )
  • Vine copulas: probabilistic models for uncertain input parameters can now be defined using C- and D-Vine copulas and block-independent structures. A powerful inference tool allows the analyst to fit a complex probabilistic model from available data automatically, which can then be used for any UQ analysis (module developed by @torree )


New users already enjoy V1.3. The users of UQLab V1.2 will be prompted to update their install at their next run of UQLab.