`uq_createInput` Geting rid of inconsistent use of 'Lognormal' or 'LogNormal'


I think I found some inconsistency for the contents of the requested input of uq_createInput if one is interested in creating an input object with a lognormal distribution:

  • If one wants to create the object by providing the values for the parameters for the distribution,
    one can use for ....Type the values 'Lognormal' or 'LogNormal';.
  • If one want to create the object by providing sample values and performing afterwards statistical inference, such that uq_createInput is calling uq_infer_marginals one must use 'LogNormal';. as value for ....Type, see some recent post of me, but according to Section 2.1.2 of the UQLab user manuals on Statistical inference one should use 'Lognormal' as value.

I suggest to get rid of this inconsistency, maybe by ensuring that uq_infer_marginals can also deal with the values 'Lognormal' and 'LogNormal' for …Type`.