Error with custom distribution (discrete uniform) in metamodel calculate

Hi UQWorld!

I’m starting in UQLab and I’m trying to create my PC-Kriging Metamodel, but there is a problem that I can’t solve.

One of my input variables fits a discrete uniform distribution. I have created the discrete uniform distribution and when I get samples with uq_getSample, it works perfectly.
However, when I try to create my Metamodel, I get the following error:
The integration for the recurrence coefficients returned NaN for degree 2!
I have entered all the parameters of the input.marginal (name, type and parameters) and the samples are correct. I don’t understand what is the problem, because if I enter the Uniform distribution of UQLab, it works perfectly, but with my discrete uniform distribution, I get this error.

If someone had the same problem or can tell me how enter discrete variables in the creation of the metamodel, I hope you can help me to solve it.