Developing the SSE metamodel based on a discrete random variable

Dear UQLab,

First and foremost, congratulations on your new milestone and thanks for implementing the SSE metamodel.
I want to build the SSE metamodel based on a discrete random variable, e,g, X: {1,2,3,4,5,6,7}
I read all of the related previous discussions:

Furthermore, According to the discussion in User Manual Input, Section: 2.7 Defining and using custom marginals, it is also possible to add our arbitrary marginals.

Combining the previous discussions and the mentioned capability, I would like to know your suggestions. I will be honored if you can help me.

  1. If I can define a discrete marginal distribution and construct my input model, Can the implemented metamodels in UQLab (in particular, SSE) be constructed based on discrete input data?

  2. According to Prof. @bsudret suggestion in the 1st bullet link:

To solve your problem anyway, I suggest you use a continuous uniform distribution, and use a rounding to get the discrete values that are needed as inputs for your MODEL. This can be done after uq_getSample (N), e.g. using the floor or ceil functions.

It seems the new refinements are based on the previous continuous uniform marginals, not the new defined discrete ones. So, this idea couldn’t work in metamodels (I am not sure!).
I am most grateful for any recommendations from RSUQ and/or the community.
Furthermore, I am also ready to give my best shot to add a discrete random variable type to UQLab based on the developers’ guidance.
Last but not least, I really appreciate your time and consideration

Kind regards,