Black-box reliability challenge and reliability problem repository

Hi everyone,

We would like to popularize a unique reliability benchmarking challenge and a comprehensive repository of reliability problems: https://rprepo.readthedocs.io/en/latest/. We encourage you to check out the documentation website of the project and give a shot to the reliability problems which are still accessible via a dedicated web server. Their python implementations are also freely available.

The people behind UQLab participated in the challenge last year and were also helping in outlining the framework (of course they did not know anything about the challenge problems :)).

The first results of the challenge can be seen here:

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any question or suggestion. We are particularly interested in adding new reliability problems to the repository, we would highly appreciate if you donated a problem or two.



A follow-up workshop on the Black-box reliability challenge will be held on the 24-25th of February 2020 in Delft, the Netherlands. For details and registration (it is free):

A post describing the results of the Chair of Risk, Safety and Uncertainty Quantification at ETH Zurich can be found here.