Why is feature X missing?

You are welcome to post your idea for a new UQLab feature or for improving the existing ones by opening a new topic (or liking an existing one) in the Feature request under the UQ with UQLab category. Be clear and specific about the feature you are requesting. Also, include any use case or how the feature might be useful for others. This way, you can be involved in steering the software development process.

When submitting an idea for a new feature, keep in mind the following:

  1. Make sure your feature isn’t already suggested on the Feature request. If it is, then support it by liking the request post or —even better— provide an additional reason or use case for implementing the feature.
  2. Not all features will or should be built-in (i.e., part of the UQLab standard package). The UQLab Development Team is committed to providing users with quality well-tested code, documentation, and examples. Through curation, the developers try to ensure that built-in features of UQLab are useful for most of the users. Additionally, limiting the selection of available tools is important to make it available to new UQ practitioners, as they may otherwise be overwhelmed by an excessive selection of apparently equivalent (to a non-expert) tools.

From its inception, however, UQLab has always been designed to be an ideal environment to develop by yourself new features (metamodeling tool, sensitivity measure, reliability method, etc.) that seamlessly integrate with the rest of available features of UQLab. In the near future, resources (documentation, examples, etc.) for developing a new feature in UQLab will be made available. In the slightly longer term, an infrastructure will be set up for contributors who are willing to make their features available to the community.

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