Wait, what is UQWorld again?

This blog post is jointly written by S. Marelli, D. Wicaksono, and B. Sudret.

Welcome to UQWorld!


UQWorld is the brand new online community for uncertainty quantification (UQ) practitioners, researchers, and, why not, UQLab users. We hope it will become a melting pot where ideas, codes, and challenges on all aspects of UQ will be initiated.

As you may know, UQWorld is hosted by the Chair of Risk, Safety and Uncertainty Quantification in ETH Zurich (Switzerland), the same guys (and gals :wink: ) who develop UQLab.

When we released UQLab back in 2015, it was difficult to gauge the scope and size of a possible audience. To some degree, it was our hope that we could contribute to moving UQ out of its niche role in most applied contexts by providing an easily accessible, curated UQ software. Almost four years later, the UQLab user base has grown well beyond our expectations, reaching soon 2,000 registered users from 77 countries.

It would appear then that UQ is no longer just a marginal topic. Still, except for specialized literature and dedicated research-oriented mailing lists and groups, very little resources are available to identify UQ as a proper community. And this is where the first idea of building UQWorld came into play: an online community of people with different backgrounds that deal with UQ on a daily basis.

So, here we are: we hope that on these very forums a new worldwide community will be born, where everyone approaching UQ from any background and perspective will find themselves at home, be it by seeking enlightenment in the “wise” posts in the Chair’s Blog section, or by contributing benchmark codes and personal experiences in the Benchmarks section, or simply start a discussion, asking questions, and providing answers in the UQ Discussion Forum.

If you are interested in knowing more about this platform, please head over to the much more detailed Where to find stuff in UQWorld.

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