UQpy Version 3.0 Release

For my first ever UQWorld post, I am happy to announce the release of UQpy Version 3.0. For those Python UQ programmers, Version 3.0 is a major upgrade from the previous releases that greatly enhances the user and developer experience. You can find more details in the following ResearchGate post (https://www.researchgate.net/project/UQpy-Uncertainty-Quantification-with-Python) and, of course, you can find all the details on our GitHub page (https://github.com/SURGroup/UQpy).

Special thanks to the Prof. Sudret for providing this forum. With UQLab and UQpy providing critical research tools in Matlab and Python respectively, our field is advancing faster than ever.

Michael Shields


Dear Mike

Welcome to UQWorld! Thanks for your first post. We’re happy to welcome a new platform on this forum!
Please keep the community informed about your new releases, but also case studies, benchmarks, etc. that would be of general interest.

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