UQLab Modules 1.1.0 Release Notes (05.07.2018)

UQLabModules V1.0.0 ➜ UQLabModules V1.1.0

Stable release of UQLabModules.

New features

  • Metamodelling tools:
    • Support vector machines for classification (SVC) and regression (SVR) now available (developed and documented by Dr. M. Moustapha from ETH Zurich)
  • UQLink:
    • seamless connection of third-party software to UQLab now available by using universal “wrapping” of external codes through templates and a markup system (developed and documented by Dr. M. Moustapha from ETH Zurich)
  • Sensitivity analysis:
    • Borgonovo moment-independent indices are now available (developed and documented by C. Mylonas from ETH Zurich)
  • General:
    • New subsampling, one-hot-encoding and cobweb plot functions now available in the lib/ folder


  • General:
    • Standardized the examples for improved readability
  • Documentation:
    • Added the outputs of uq_print to all manuals
    • Added comments on the default values used in the minimal working examples
    • General readability and consistency improvements
  • Reliability analysis module:
    • AKMCS:
      • Added a convergence criterion on beta
    • IS:
      • One instrumental density function can now be specified for each model output
  • Sensitivity analysis module:
    • Removed the requirement for an input object for SRC / Correlation-based sensitivity analyses when a sample is provided


  • General:
    • Changes in uq_display for many modules to optimize readability
  • Metamodeling modules:
    • Polynomial chaos expansions:
      • Default degree for Quadrature set equal to 3, for degree-adaptive methods to 1:3
      • Fixed issues that broke the evaluation of a quadrature PCE for multiple outputs models
      • Initialization sets the maximum degree either from the provided degree or custom truncation. If both are provided, the custom truncation will be used.
      • Stability fixes for arbitrary polynomials (fix for integration waypoints)
    • Kriging:
      • Specification ExpDesign.Sampling = 'user' or 'data' is no longer necessary when providing the samples manually
      • Removed ExpDesign.time from results
      • Moved ExpDesign.muX and .sigmaX from Results to Internal

Bug fixes

  • Reliability analysis module:
    • SORM: can now be run on a pre-existing FORM analysis
    • IS: Removed warning in initialization if no instrumental density distribution is provided
  • Sensitivity analysis module:
    • Small stability fixes to sensitivity- and PCE- related calculations
    • Fixed the assembling of the PCE-based Sobol’ indices to avoid problems when using constant variables
    • Fixed LRA-based Sobol’ indices to prevent failing for models with multiple outputs
    • Sobol’ indices can be plotted as a pie-diagram