UQLab 1.0.0 Release Notes (28.04.2017)

UQLabBeta V0.92 ➜ UQLabModules V1.0.0 stable

Stable release of UQLabModules.

New features

  • Metamodeling tool:
    • Canonical Low-Rank approximations now available (developed and documented by Dr. K. Konakli and C. Mylonas from ETH Zurich)
    • Polynomial-Chaos-Kriging now available (developed and documented by Dr. R. Schöbi from ETH Zurich)
  • Open source release of the scientific code with extensive command-line help (UQLab Dev Team)


  • General:
    • Constant variables are now supported throughout UQLab modules. Most algorithms are now aware of constant variables and will exclude them to improve computational efficiency (UQLab Dev Team)
  • Input module:
    • Several input marginals added to the existing ones (E. Dodoula and C. Lataniotis)
  • Polynomial Chaos Expansions module:
    • Orthogonal Matching Pursuit added to the regression methods (M. Berchier)
    • Polynomials orthogonal to arbitrary distributions now available (C. Mylonas)
  • Reliability analysis module:
    • Polynomial Chaos-Kriging can now be used as a metamodel in AK-MCS
  • Documentation:
    • Now available in pdf and HTML formats in the Doc/Manuals folder,
      accessible via the uq_doc function


  • Kriging module:
    • Default correlation family changed to matern-5_2
    • Covariance matrix of the predictor is now available as the third output of uq_evalModel
  • Polynomial Chaos Expansions module:
    • Default quadrature scheme changed to Full when input dimension < 4 (cheaper)
  • Input module:
    • Changed handling of custom distributions

Bug fixes

  • General bug fixes and performance improvements across modules w.r.t. V0.92