System Reliability Analysis for a System with a Minimal Cut or Link Set


Can anyone please help if there is way to define a Model input for a System Reliability Analysis with Multiple Limit State Functions that form a Minimal Cut Set or Link Set?

I have attached a paper for Reference



Dear Maitreya

There is an example for a simple system reliability analysis in the UQLab documentation:

You define your various limit states and then you can use FORM for series / parallel systems.
There is however no built-in function to find minimal cut/link sets in a complex system.

If your limit state functions (lsf) are simple, the easiest way may be to define the system lsf as min/max of the components lsf, and then use a sampling method.

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Dear Professor,

Thank you so much.

Also, I express my deepest gratitude to you for making UQLab accessible for students like me.

Maitreya Manoj Kurumbhati

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