Suggestions for `uq_display` and `uq_simple_parser`


I would like to suggest improvements for the functions uq_display and uq_simple_parser:

uq_display: To be able to autocratically save the generated plots or to adapt them individually, if would be helpful if the functions called by uq_display would return an array with the handles of the created functions which would then returned by uq_display.

uq_simple_parser: Being a master of typos, it may happen that in my code
there is uq_postProcessInversion(myBayesianAnalysis, 'burnin', 0.75); or uq_postProcessInversion(myBayesianAnalysis, 'burnln', 0.75); instead of uq_postProcessInversion(myBayesianAnalysis, 'burnIn', 0.75);, but the two erroneous calls do not create any error and may stay therefore undetected in the code. This can create erroneous results that are difficult to explain. I only use here uq_postProcessInversion as example since I use this function quite often, and the burnln/burnIn similarity (which one is with I, which one with l?) is a good possibility to point out a problem but I think this is a problem for many UQLab functions.

I suggest that uq_simple_parser(varargin, parse_keys, parse_types); should create an error message or at least a warning, if in the given varargin list there is an option name not being listed in the parse_keys list.
This could also help user of UQLab to realize that a UQLab-function call somewhere deep hidden in their code must be updated since in the new UQLab version the possible options have been changed. Of course, it is then somehow annoying for the users to have to change the code. But, I think that is it a larger problem, if the code seems to continue to run without problems, but may generate some unexpected/wrong results.