Stochastic simulators

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I am Riad, a 3rd year Ph.D. student at Nantes university in France. I work on floating wind turbines.

I am interested in the surrogate model of a stochastic simulator. In the field of wind turbines, the stochastic simulator is TURBSIM which generates 3D wind speed field.

Please could you confirm that UQLab toolbox does not contain a feature for creating a surrogate for stochastic simulators. Indeed, i download this toolbox recently and i could not find the feature. Am i right ?

Thank you in advance.

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Dear @riad

No, this is not part of UQLab yet. However, the next UQLab version will include surrogates for stochastic simulators. The release is planned for summer, if I remember correctly. Please correct me if I am mistaken @Adela.

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