Some problems about PCK

Non-linear oscillator.zip (1.9 KB)
Hello everyone:
Thank you for read my problems. I recently used the PCK model, but there were some problems. The error proposed was: matrix dimensions are inconsistent,But I don’t know the reason for the error, Can you help me see what is causing it? thank you very much.

Hi youxiong,
I tried your code. From what I get, I assume the issue occurs when performing ‘uq_GeneralIsopTransform’. Probably because the standard deviations of inputs are too small. However I do not have a solution for now.


Thank you for your answer,For the non-linear oscillator example, I did not convert the variable into a standard positive distribution later, but it reported an error. So two problems arise. Firstly, when using UQLlab, has it been considered that the non-normal distribution has been converted to the standard normal distribution. InputOpts.Marginals(1).Type =‘Gaussian’;
InputOpts.Marginals(1).Parameters = [1,0.05]; For non-standard positive variables, you don’t need to convert them to standard normal distribution again when you define the function? Secondly, pack method cannot solve the problem of Non-linear oscillator?Looking forward to your answer again,thank you.