Some problems about AK-MCS

Hello everyone:
Thank you for read my problems. I recently used the AK-MCS model, but i want to do some compare works, so i need ak-mcs code without UQ platform,Can someone share this matlab code without UQ platform? thank you very much.

Hi @youxiong,

I assume by UQ platform, you mean UQLab.

In principle, the MATLAB code for AK-MCS reliability method is part of the open source UQLabModules (specifically, the reliability analysis module). You can have a look at the source code in uq_akmcs.m (use which or edit in MATLAB to look for it after UQLab is loaded).

It cannot be used as is without the overall functionalities of UQLab. However, you might be able to make sense what is going on by reading the code and extract the relevant steps.

I hope this helps!

thank you very much, i will try it again.