SoBioS - Sobol' Indices for Biological Systems

Hello UQWorld community,

I would like to share with you a book chapter that we have just published, on the use of Sobol’ indices in biological models:

It is a pedagogical text, written in the form of a tutorial. The target audience is composed by researchers and students from different biological sciences, who may use mathematical methods and do not know about global sensitivity analysis.

However, as many colleagues in other fields may also be interested in biological systems (this year in particular, the pandemic has led many people to become interested in models for the spread of infectious diseases), we think this text might be interesting for a wider audience, and that’s why we share it here.

The code used in the tutorial massively use UQLab, and is available on GitHub:

Critical feedback or suggestions are extremely welcome!

Best wishes,

Americo Cunha

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Dear Americo

Thanks for the post an the (indirect) advertising of UQLab for biological models!
Best regards