Sensitivity: MC-based Sobol's indices

Dear Professors:
I use MC-based Sobol’s indices to measuring the contributions of input variables to the reliability over their entire uncertainty ranges.
I set “SobolOpts.Sobol.SampleSize = 400”, but actually 10000 calculations are performed. I do not know why it happened. Can you tell me how to set the number of calculations in MC-based Sobol’s indices.

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Hey Mr121Tony,

This is because the sample size is different from that of the cost of the experiment, which is n(k+2). Where n is the number of samples and k is the number of input factors. I assume that you have 23 input factors and you choose the sample size as 400. This is the reason you have 10,000 calculations.

One more thing to consider is that if your model is complex and has a large number of input factors you either want to increase the sample size or performing a screening test to filter the insignificant input factors.

Hope that clarified your question. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Professor.
I figure out the concept of n(k+2). I have solved my problem.
Best wishes!