Sensitivity for components in parallel

Hi All,
Thanks for the useful software uqlab and constant support. I have 3 components (R,S,T) which are all in parallel with each other, each having a limit state function with two variables each as shown below. (a,b,c,d,e and f are random variables).

Component R g1=a-(10b)
Component S g2=c-(4d)-5
Component T g3= e -f-250

The variables distributions are - mean & standard deviation :
a : Gaussian (1500,300)
b: Gaussian (70,7)
c: Log normal (2500, 250)
d: Gumbel (250, 90)
e: Log normal (1650, 165)
f: Log normal (1000, 25)

Appreciate help on how to set up a sensitivity analysis for such parallel system in uqlab using Sobol Indices . Variables are independent.