Sensitivity Analysis_Input output correlation analysis

I used sensitivity analysis method of input-output correlation for my model to obtain the sensitivity indices and error message as below is obtained: Can you please advise how I can solve this?

something went extremely wrong while trying to evaluate the analysis
You may find additional information in the catched exeption:
X and Y must have the same number of rows.
Error in corr (line 106)
Error in uq_correlation_indices (line 44)
CorrIdx = corr(Sample.X, Sample.Y);
Error in uq_sensitivity (line 22)
results = uq_correlation_indices(CurrentAnalysis);
Error in uq_initialize_uq_sensitivity (line 861)
Error in (My function model) (line 94)
CorrAnalysis = uq_createAnalysis(CorrSensOpts);

Thank you.

Best regards,

Hi @Vishashalu,

It is hard to understand the cause of the problem based on your current description. Would it be possible to have a reproducible example here?

If a complete reproducible example is not possible, then at the very least, how did you define the following in UQLab: the inputs, the computational model, and the sensitivity analysis?

Knowing these, we might be able to help you better.