Replacing Markers by real numbers in a UQLink template file

Hello dear all;

My question concerns sampling and replacing the markers in a template file with real numbers in UQlink module. Each time I use " uq_getSample " function, there are new samples applied to markers but what I want to do is to keep the first half unchanged in the Input file and apply the changes to the second half; in other words if there are 20 markers in total ( from to ) , I want to keep the first 10 the same ( from to ) and change the other 10 markers( from to ) one by one so that for un experimental design of one, we would not have one input but 10 which is obtained by the change in the second half of markers . Here I add my code:

The first 10 markers which I want to keep the same are defined by a Uniform distribution

for ii = 1 : 10
    InputOpts.Marginals(ii).Type = 'Uniform';
    InputOpts.Marginals(ii).Parameters = [0  1];

The second 10 markers are defined by a Constant variable:

for Excite = 1 : 10
    for count = 1 : 10
        if count == Excite
            InputOpts.Marginals(ii+count).Type = 'Constant';
            InputOpts.Marginals(ii+count).Parameters = 1 ; 
            InputOpts.Marginals(ii+count).Type = 'Constant';
            InputOpts.Marginals(ii+count).Parameters = 1e-14 ; 

My problem is that once we call the “uq_getSample” function, all the markers are reinitialized but I want the first half to stay the same. Also, knowing the NED, there are just n = NED inputs created but I want n = NED*10 input created.

I would appreciate your help to solve this problem.

Best regards

Dear @zahra_hourzadeh

I don’t quite understand what you are trying to do. Can you maybe share your complete example and explain where stuff breaks?

Best regards