Removing constant parameters from Sobol analysis output

Hi all,

I am using a Sobol analysis to perform global sensitivity analysis. My input consists of a couple (say 2) of random variables and a couple (say 5) of parameters that are ‘constants’.
When I look at the output of the Sobol analysis, e.g.

SobolAnalysis_LARS = uq_createAnalysis(SobolOpts);

then SobolAnalysis_LARS.Results.FirstOrder contains the Sobol index for all 7 input parameters, even though 5 of them are obviously zero, since they are constant. When making bar charts, this pollutes the results quite a bit.
Is it possible to skip the zero Sobol indices corresponding to constant inputs via a UQLab setting? I know I can manipulate the output manually, but this can become cumbersome, especially if the order of the input parameters is not always the same.