Reliability Analysis: uq_display doesn't display anything

Hello there,

I wrote a small script based on UQLink which runs a Python FEM solver which returns the result of a limit state function. uq_print works just fine but I’d like to access the figures created by uq_display, just as in the reference manual. Unfortunately, I get none. Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong? There is no error message. I’m using Matlab R2020b on Ubuntu 18.04. In other scripts, plots work flawlessly.



modelopts.Type = 'UQLink' ;

modelopts.Command = 'python3 beam_bucklingClass.py parameters.inp' ;
modelopts.Template = 'parameters.inp.tpl' ;
modelopts.Output.Parser = 'uq_readOutput' ;
modelopts.Output.FileName = 'beamPython.out' ;

myModel = uq_createModel(modelopts) ;

InputOpts.Marginals(1).Name = '1';  
InputOpts.Marginals(1).Type = 'Gaussian';
InputOpts.Marginals(1).Moments = [0.01 0.001];

InputOpts.Marginals(2).Name = '2';  
InputOpts.Marginals(2).Type = 'Gaussian';
InputOpts.Marginals(2).Moments = [0.0011 0.00011];

InputOpts.Marginals(3).Name = '3';  
InputOpts.Marginals(3).Type = 'Gaussian';
InputOpts.Marginals(3).Moments = [0.0011 0.00011];

myInput = uq_createInput(InputOpts);

MCOpts.Type = 'Reliability';
MCOpts.Method = 'MCS';
MCOpts.Simulation.MaxSampleSize = 20;
MCAnalysis = uq_createAnalysis(MCOpts);

Hi Lucas,

Sorry for replying so late. You probably have already found a reason or workaround for this problem. If yes, how did you fix it?

If not, could you set a breakpoint inside uq_display_uq_reliability.m and check why there are no figures being generated?

Hi Nora,

no problem! Thank you so much for helping me out. I didn’t find a solution yet and just settled with using the printed output. It’s a great idea to look into the source, thanks! I will try it as soon as I’m back at my workstation and post my results here.