PCE: out of memory

When I run PCE on my computer, when the order is greater than 3, I get the problem in the diagram: “out of memory. The possible reason is that there is infinite recursion in the program.” My computer memory was 16GB before, but later I changed it to 64GB, but the same problem still occurred. Do you know why?


Thankfully, I didn’t have this problem when I was running on a more expensive or better computer.

Dear @Mr121Tony

I don’t think this has anything to do with infinite recursion. With the information provided, it sounds like your PCE base is too large. How many input parameters do you have and what truncation scheme are you using?

Can you also post the full error message (in English if possible)?

Best regards

There are 13 input parameters and q-Norm is 1.

I have tried to run “Examples\MetaModelling\PCE\uq_Example_PCE_02_ExperimentalDesign.m”, the same problem still arises.

I reinstalled UQLab and here are the test results.

There are two problems:
*** Class Model has no constant attribute or static method named ‘M’ ***.
*** Insufficient memory. The possible reason is that there are infinite recursion *** in the program.

I have solved the problem by reinstalling matlab.
in addition, because installing too many other toolkits interfered with UQLab.