P-file older than MATLAB file

New UQLab user, rusty with MATLAB. Just installed UQLab v1.4.0 on MATLAB release 2021a. Software works, but when working through the tutorials anytime I initialize UQLab I get the following error:

Warning: P-file C:\Users\gregc\MATLAB_Libraries\UQLabCore_Rel1.4.0\UQLabCore_Rel1.4.0\core\interfaces\CLI\uq_createModel.p is older than MATLAB file C:\Users\gregc\MATLAB_Libraries\UQLabCore_Rel1.4.0\UQLabCore_Rel1.4.0\core\interfaces\CLI\uq_createModel.m.
C:\Users\gregc\MATLAB_Libraries\UQLabCore_Rel1.4.0\UQLabCore_Rel1.4.0\core\interfaces\CLI\uq_createModel.p may be obsolete and may need to be regenerated.
Type “help pcode” for information about generating P-files.

Naturally, I explored the “help pcode” output as well, but this just seems to be generic MATLAB documentation without any real context to the issue here.

Thanks for any advice on this.