New names for fields in `.PriorPredSample` and `.PostPredSample`

Dear @paulremo, dear all,

you/Paul-Remo Wagner wrote in one of your/his posts dealing with the contents of myBayesianAnalysis.Results:

While reviewing this, I realized that the naming of .PriorPredSample and .PostPredSample fields (i.e., Prior and PriorPred, Post and PostPred) is not ideal. In the next version of the module, these names will therefore be updated. For .PriorPredSample I suggest the field names .Sample and .ModelEvaluations to replace .PriorPred and .Prior, respectively.

Concerning this planed renaming of the contents of .PriorPredSample and .PostPredSample, I think that it may create confusion if in the UQLab code the name .....Results.PriorPredSample.Sample is used for the model output with noise and ....Results.sample is still the name for the samples resulting form the MCMC sampler.
This holds at least for those persons, who are now used to the fact that the only data object denoted as .sample are the samples for the parameter (and discrepancy) values from the MCMC sampling in ....Results, while the names of all other data object containing samples either start with some prefix information on the considered object followed by sample or do not contain the substring sample at all.
Being not afraid of using long names, I would like to suggest to use .ModelEvaluationsWithNoise or .ModelEvaluationsWithDiscrepancy and .ModelEvaluations (or .ModelEvalWithNoise or .ModelEvaWithDisc and .ModelEval) to replace .PriorPred and .Prior (PostPred and Post), respectively. But maybe someone has a better idea.