Multiple input to Kriging

Dear All,
I connected UQLab to COMSOL. It is working through the Livelink and wrapper. The point is that my Comsol outputs that need to be optimized using the Kriging toolbox in UQLab are multiple parameters, I managed to perform Kriging when I have 1 parameter but couldn`t manage that with the input of 7 parameters. Can anyone help with this, please. Thanks in advanced

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Hi @TamadurAB ,

Maybe you could elaborate your problem a bit more? What did you get when you try to create a Kriging model with 7 parameters? How did you do it?


If we assume that we have 7 reactions and we want to optimize the reaction rate constants. In the current case, the main functions are defined in Comsol and it is connected to UQLab through “LiveLink” and “Wrapper”. So I want to perform Kriging for all the 7 parameters at the same time. But in as an input, this is not working. Keep either not seeing all the parameters or just see one of them and ignore the others