Link UQLab with SAP2000

Hi all,
I am new with UQLab and getting to know it, but I was wondering if you can provide a same example as OpenSees linking UQLab to SAP2000.
Thanks much in advacne,

Hi Mathew,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I don’t think anyone in the development team use SAP though, so I am afraid we can’t provide an example.
The examples in UQLab are meant to be tutorials and templates for linking UQLab to your own software of interest. You can start by modifying one of these examples and if you have any issue I may assist you.


Dear Mathew

The first thing to do is to make sure that you can run SAP2000 in batch mode, by typing a command in a terminal, which reads a text “input file” (or several), does the calculations, and write the results in an “output file” (or several).
Once this is clear, we can help you tag the input file, then link SAP2000 with UQLab using the UQLink module.
Best regards

Dear both,
Thanks much for your prompt reply.
Actually, I run the SAP2000 through MATLAB by defining simulation set-ups and saving the results in .xls output files. But, if by running through batch file you mean adding the SAP2000 to the windows path so I can run it through CMD using CygWin (since I am a windows user), I have not done that, but I guess I can. Please let me know which one you meant. And, if you mean the later one, would you please let me know rest of the process?
Thanks much in advance for your time and considerations.
Best Regards,

Dear Mathew,

Yes first thing you need is to have your code running using the Windows command prompt. As Bruno mentioned, your input parameters should be read from a separate text file. If this is already the case, it shouldn’t be a problem setting up the connection with UQLink.