Is UQLab free to use?

The UQLab software is split into a content management system (UQLabCore) which is closed source and subjected to licensing, and a set of scientific modules (simply called UQLabModules) which are available open source (3-Clause BSD).

UQLab is free for members of academic institutions (universities, public research centers, etc.). As a member of these institutions, you can get an academic license for using UQLabCore free of charge. The academic license is valid for one year and can be renewed free of charge as long as the academic affiliation (resp. academic email address) remains valid.

Note to non-academic users
Non-academic users may request a demo license free of charge by contacting the UQLab Development Team. This license allows for the use of all modules (without any restrictions on the features) for 30 days. Beyond the trial period, non-academic licenses of UQLab can be purchased to ETH Zurich.

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