Is it possible to use uqlink with a text editor?

I use software (Castem) which allows me to create a new executable to take into account the mechanical model that I have implemented. To use the new executable I go through a text editor which calls the command (castem21) to compile my calculation file and everything goes well. UQlink goes very well when I use the original executable (so without my model just with the existing models in Castem). But when I use the new executable the program runs endlessly and when I stop I have the error messages below. I emphasize that the two executables are called in the same command file (castem21) which calls the new executable if it is a new model and the old if not. Could you please help me?

*emphasized text**Operation terminated by user during dos (line 67)

In uq_wrapper_uqlink (line 433)
dummy_catch = evalc(‘status_run = system(exeCmd_with_cd) ;’) ;

In uq_eval_uq_uqlink (line 56)
[varargout{1:num_of_out_args}] = uq_wrapper_uqlink(X, current_model.Internal);

In uq_evalModel (line 121)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = current_model.eval(current_model,varargin{:});

In test (line 112)
[Y1,Y2,Y3,Y4] = uq_evalModel(monModelCASTEM,X1);