Installation problems - Invalid pfile

I have tried to install the software, but i have gotten this error message:

Checking for updates…
Both UQLabCore and UQLabModules are already up-to date.

Copyright 2013-2021, Stefano Marelli and Bruno Sudret, all rights reserved.
This is UQLabCore, version 1.4.0
UQLabCore may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or redistributed
without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder(s).
To request special permissions, please contact:

Stefano Marelli (marelli@ibk.baug.ethz.ch).

Useful commands to get started with UQLab:
uqlab -doc - Access the available documentation
uqlab -help - Additional help on how to get started with UQLab
uq_citation help - Information on how to cite UQLab in publications
uq_sendFeedback - Report bugs, suggestions, enhancement requests, etc.

The installation was not successful!
The installer returned the following message: Invalid pfile. The file header is corrupt.

Hi @nibaldo_navarro,

Thanks for reporting the error. It seems that there might be some issues with the .p files in your “core” folder. May I ask you to install from the beginning by following the installation instruction here? Please make sure that the path of the installation root does not contain any special symbols. If the problem persists, please provide your operating system and the Matlab version that you are using.