Inserting a Kriging model into LSF for MC reliability analysis


I have built a Kriging model which will give me an output for a variable that I will use in a limit state function, I want to perform reliability analysis for the limit state function by MCS. I do not know how to insert my Kriging model into the LSF, I tried doing something like this but it did not work:

ModelOpts.mString = ‘X(:,2).*2.X(:,3)./ X(:,4). uq_evalModel(myKriging,[X(:,5) X(:,6)]) - X(:,1)’;

Is there any other way to insert my Kriging model into a LSF for Reliability analysis?

Dear @a7m3dbalushi

Does specifying the Kriging model via the .mHandle field, as very recently discussed here, solve the problem?

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