If UQLab modules are open source, does this mean that I can modify and redistribute them?

The entire UQLabModules are licensed under the 3-Clause BSD license, so the short answer is yes.

This being said, the open license specifically means (in plain English) that:

You can:

  • Modify UQLabModules and create derivative (modified) works
  • Distribute UQLabModules in its original form or as derivative works
  • Use UQLabModules for commercial purposes

You can’t:

  • Use the names of the copyright holders (S. Marelli, B. Sudret, ETH Zurich) or the names of the UQLabModules contributors to endorse derivative works
  • Hold the copyright holders and contributors liable and charge them for any damages from the use of UQLabModules

You must:

  • Retain the original copyright of UQLabModules in case of redistribution
  • Include the full text of the license in case of redistribution

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