How to suppress UQLab display message


I’m doing a Monte Carlo simulation which involves Bayesian updating with UQLab. I was wondering, would it be possible to suppress the output displayed on the screen when

  1. UQLab is initialized
  2. UQLab carries out MCMC, showing a progress bar on the screen

Does UQLab have that functionality?


Hi Shihab

The answer to your first question is yes, to your second not really. To launch UQLab without the so-called splash screen you can modify the initialization command to

uqlab -nosplash

To hide console output associated with individual modules, you can adjust the .Display option of all modules like

BayesOpts.Display = 'quiet'

This suppresses most console output, but does currently (v.1.3) not suppress the MCMC progress bar. If you really need to silence the progress bar output, I suggest you directly edit the uq_textProgressBar function to not print anything.

The lines you would have to comment out are lines #40 and #44 of uq_textProgressBar, i.e. the fprintf() commands.

Thanks a lot Paul.
This works for me.