How to Post on the Conference section

If you organize or hear about a fascinating conference you feel to share with your UQ community, here there some guidelines to help improve the Conference section :slight_smile:

Post title

Writing a good title is the beginning to identify which conferences have already taken place or will be held in the future. Essential details for a conference title are date, name, and acronym. The template for the title is the following:

[DD/MM/YYYY] Full conference name (Acronym)

Important dates

For a better description of the event, adding a list of important dates is suggested. As an example:

  • 01/01/2022 - Abstract submission deadline
  • 31/01/2022 - Acceptance notification
  • 01/02/2022 - Registration deadline

Past event

When an event has already taken place, the post will be closed. In addition, changes to the post title are discouraged.

Postponed events

Some events can be postponed due to several reasons. In this case, the title should be changed as in

[DD/MM/YYYY - Postponed] Full conference name (Acronym)

where the DD/MM/YYYY refers to the updated date of the event.

Cancelled events

In case an event is cancelled, the title is updated as in

[Cancelled] Full conference name (Acronym)

Non-UQ-based conference

Often, there are events whose primary focus is not on UQ-related topics, but they cover UQ applications or discussions. In this case, adding a list of the sections/symposia where UQ is discussed is suggested.