How to Multiple column vectors as multiple input variables

X1 = Xmodelouhe{p}(:,1);
X2 = Xmodelouhe{p}(:,2);
Y1 = Ymodelouhe{p};
Xuse = [X1,X2];
Yuse = Y1;
MetaOpts.Type = ‘Metamodel’;
MetaOpts.ExpDesign.Sampling = ‘User’;
MetaOpts.MetaType = ‘Kriging’;
MetaOpts.Trend.Type = ‘ordinary’;
% MetaOpts.Input = myInput;
MetaOpts.ExpDesign.X = Xuse;
MetaOpts.ExpDesign.Y = Yuse;
x0 = mean([min(Xuse); max(Xuse)]);
yKrigingF{p+m} = uq_createModel(MetaOpts);
it seens that it cant work

Dear @hanyu

To me, this looks more like an incorrect use of Matlab than a problem with UQLab. Unfortunately, I can’t help you without knowing what Ymodelouhe and Xmodelouhe are. Can you provide an executable example?

Best regards