How to include model bias in the discrepancy term

Hello everyone,

I am using the UQLab inversion module for some model calibration and inverse analysis.

However, the Bayesian user manual only talks about the discrepancy term as measurement error but I could not find how to include the model bias term in the ‘usage’ section of the user manual.

I have the model bias term but I would like to ask how I can include it in covariance matrix of the likelihood function in UQLab.

I appreciate all helps.

Hi @Bamidele_Ebiwonjumi

Parametric bias terms are currently not supported by the inversion module out of the box. To analyze models with such a bias term, you will have to provide a likelihood function yourself.

I suggest you have look at the user-defined likelihood function feature described in Section 2.6 of the inversion manual. If you manage to set up and solve your problem, it would be great if you could share the results here.