How to import an external model?

How to import an external model (with Uqpylab) like xgboost to make “uq.createAnalysis” work well.
I am building a model using machine learning with Xgboost and I would like to obtain Sobol’ indices
Thank you

Hi … Following the instructions in the manual, I import my model from COMSOL into UQLab … you need to create your own wrapper “a short script that do the communication” …

Hope this would work for you!

Dear @Hamdaoui_Khaled

In UQ[py]Lab this should be possible without UQLink.
In this manual, section 2.2.1 explains how you can create a UQLab model in Python. So you can simply wrap your Xgboost model with another Python function that implements the correct interface.
After that, you can follow this manual on how to compute Sobol indices for your UQLab model.

UQ[py]Lab is still in beta phase and we are glad that you have chosen UQ[py]Lab. The documentation and manuals are not yet complete. So please let me know if you were able to solve your problem and we appreciate any feedback.

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Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!