How to find the number of function evaluations (g-calls) in the RBDO module

Dear UQLab,

Thanks again for the amazing RBDO module.
I am a little bit confused about finding the number of function evaluations (g-calls) in a surrogate-assisted RBDO problem. In other words, if we have a model named “myRBDO_Krg”:

  1. Can we use “myRBDO_Krg.Results.output.funccount” to find g-calls?
  2. What is the difference between the given number thanks to “Model evaluations” using “uq_print” and the "myRBDO_Krg.Results.output.funccount "?

Last but not least, I really appreciate Dr. @moustapha’s sustainable support and other RSUQ members.

Kind regards,

Dear RSUQ,

Just a complimentary note:

According to UQLib manual, given that I used the CCMAES optimization algorithm, “output.funccount” is “Total number of objective function evaluations.”, while “myRBDO.Results.ModelEvaluations” describes “Number of evaluation of the computational model or its surrogate.” based on the RBDO manual. I would like to know the exact difference and which one should represent g-calls in accordance with the paper entitled “Quantile-based optimization under uncertainties using adaptive Kriging surrogate models” by Moustapha et al.