Grey-box Model


Thanks for your enjoyable UQLab
As you are well-aware, the grey-box is a trending topic in the context of UQ. It would be an honor for the community to learn from the UQLab developers and/or other experts regarding this topic.

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Hi @ali

This is indeed an interesting topic, and trending as you say. In fact our group is looking for PhD candidates for the topic of grey-box modelling right now. So we’ll be able to say something more substantial about the topic in a few years :wink: In the meanwhile, maybe someone else can share their insights. Btw, are you looking for literature recommendations, explanations, …?

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Dear @nluethen

I really appreciate your answer. If it is possible, please mention that whats the main disadvantages of Block Box methods such as those applied in the UQLab which make the UQ community move to the Grey Box modeling?
As far as I know, It’s possible to achieve accuracy and efficiency simultaneously with the help of Black Box modeling! It would be an honor for me to have your comments in this regard.

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Hi,I find the topic of grey-box modelling just recently and I’m very interested in it.

Could you please give some literature recommendations, explanations, …? :smile:

I find a paper “A grey-box machine learning based model of an electrochemical gas sensor”.

Then what’s the difference between grey-box modelling and grey-box machine learning?Nearly the same?

Hi,I want to ask the question concerning grey-box model.

But it seems that I do not have the right to ask a question at this stage.

So I ask the question under this topic.

As a beginer of grey-box model,would you please give some literature recommendations, explanations?

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