Deterministic design optimisation with PCK

Hello UQ community,

I am trying to conduct some RBDO with the use of PCK as metamodelling stratey. However, prior to RBDO, I’d like to carry out an Deterministic design optimisation (DDO), in which one of the constraints is the PCK I’m using to mimic the limit state function.

I have tried to create a function handle of the PCK, and introduce it into the matlab optimisation toolbox, unsuccessfully.

Then, by diving into UQ code, I’ve noticed that in path\uq_analysis\builtin\uq_rbdo\uq_rbdo.m there exists an option for DDO. I’ve also found that option in uq_deterministic_evalConstraints.m and uq_matlabnonlconwrapper.m
However, I haven’t been able to initialise such analysis.

I wonder if anyone has carried out this sort of analysis in UQLab.

Thank you