Connect external software to UQlab - Aspen Plus can be connected?


I am currently doing a simulation on CO2 capture rate based model using Aspen Plus software. I would like to connect UQLab and do a forward propagation study on the model uncertainties and see the impact on the absorber packing height for example.

Simple question is, does anyone tried connecting Aspen Plus with UQLab? Or is this possible? and how do I try to connect them?

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Hi @Vishashalu, welcome to UQWorld!

I think @moustapha can help you with this question, hopefully soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @Vishashalu ,

Through the UQLink module, you can connect your software to UQLab. The only requirement is that you have a text file as configuration/input file for your simulation. You can then use markers to indicate to UQLab which parameters are uncertain and need to be sampled during the UQ analysis.

You can find more details on how to do this in the UQLink user manual ( https://www.uqlab.com/uqlink-user-manual ). You can also have a look on the available examples in your UQLab installation (Currently there are examples linking UQLab to C, Abaqus and OpenSees).

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Hi @Vishashalu,

does this solve your problem?

If not, maybe you can elaborate your problem? How do you interact with Aspen Plus? Is there a text interface (scripting) that you can automate your analysis with the software?

Sorry for the late response. At the moment, I am working on the model in MATLAB and have not tested to link with Aspen PLus. Thank you for your input!