Citing UQLab


I’m writing a paper which includes work I’ve done using UQLab, and I’d like to correctly reference what I’ve used. I’ve seen at the beginning of each manual they state both the general UQLab and individual manual citation, but what about the coding examples? I pretty much copied and pasted the Kriging and Sobol Indices coding examples (with a bit of editing). Would the general UQLab citation be sufficient for these?


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Hi Sophy,

thanks for asking the question!

What do you mean by copying and pasting the aforementioned coding examples? Into your own analysis scripts or into your paper directly (maybe as appendix, etc.)?

Hi :slight_smile:

Into my own analysis scripts, which will be mentioned in my paper and provided on either GitHub or supplementary material.

Hi @Sophy_Oliver,
thanks for asking, correctly referencing the dev team’s work is very important to us.

The best practice is to reference the main UQLab conference paper and the related manuals, so that everyone who worked on those gets referenced. There is no need to reference the examples in my view, as they are part of the developers work, already covered by the manuals.


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Thanks Stefano, I’ve gone with:

“… using the MATLAB-based software package UQLab (Marelli & Sudret, 2014), which contains extensive Kriging documentation and coding examples (Lataniotis et al., 2019).”

“… these Sobol Indices were computed from the Kriging surrogate model by means of Monte Carlo-based estimation (Marelli et al., 2019) …”.

Let me know if you don’t think that’s enough as happy to edit.
Thanks for your help (both now and for Kriging/Sobol)