Checklist for New Member

Here’s a checklist for you as a new member to help you feel comfortable in UQWorld.
You can earn some Achievement Badges or unlock additional privileges along the way if you’re into that sort of thing (I am!).

On your first visit: explore

To begin, it might be a good idea to get a feel for the community and how our platform works:

  • Take your time clicking on the menus and links to find your way around
  • Set up your profile and preferences
  • Spend some time reading what has already been there

1. Customize your UQWorld member profile

  • Add some information about yourself, say what do you do and what are you looking for in UQWorld?
  • Earn the Autobiographer badge!

2. Customize your UQWorld member account further

  • Add your picture
  • Review your notification preferences

3. Spend 10-15 minutes simply reading topics and discussions

Read before you write:

  • New to UQ? Check out few introductory posts in the Chair’s blog: Getting started with UQ, How to define probabilistic input, and Selection of UQ softwares
  • UQLab users? Check out the FAQ, UQLab Q&A, and ask your own question; or get updated with the UQLab development
  • Like some posts? Click the :heart: below a post that you find interesting or useful. The author and other members will appreciate it! Earn your First Like badge
  • After about 10 minutes or so of reading, your trust level will automatically be upgraded and granted access to additional community features, including uploading pictures (or attachment), sharing links in posts, as well as sending private messages (PM) to other members

Tips: As you explore

Tips: UQLab users

Have a question about UQLab usage?

  • Look around the questions about UQLab already asked in UQWorld. Maybe your problem is already asked,…and answered!
  • Read our community guideline on how to post a question
  • Go ask your question by opening a new topic

On your next visit: chip in

Welcome back!

By now you should have a feel for the community and, more or less, know how the platform works.
You can go deeper to find out what’s happening in UQWorld and start engaging with other members.

1. Check out activity relevant to you

  • Look for your picture in the top-right corner; which will indicate when you have a new activity to check
  • Select the unread notifications every time you log in to clear them

2. Read the community guidelines

3. Reply to one or more topics

  • Contribute to a discussion, ask a follow-up, or add your own thought
  • Look for the reply button below each post

On your third visit: contribute

You are now on your way to knowing how to actively contribute to the community.
We are happy to have you here.

1. Start a new topic

  • Share a website, journal article, or even a video; ask a question; or simply to introduce yourself and your projects here
  • Remember to follow the guidelines
  • As another member liked your topic, you will earn the Welcome badge!

2. Share topics and invite your friends

  • If you think there’s a discussion or a topic that would be of interest to your friends, share it and invite your friends to join UQWorld!
  • Select the share :link: below a post to get a link (URL, twitter, facebook, or email).
  • Paste the link into, say an email, and add an explanation
  • Earn your first First Share badge!

3. Get to know the menu

  • Check who’s here by viewing the Users list
  • Explore topics organized by Tags
  • Check out the keyboard shortcuts and be a keyboard ninja!
  • Look at the list of our moderators and admin in About, they can help you navigate the platform
  • What is your standing in the community? Check out your Badges

Tips: As you contribute

  • Want to format your post? Here’s how
  • To mention someone, start by typing @ and add a first few letters of a name; observe the autocompletion. As soon as you post, they will be notified!
  • Add a link to another topic in your post and observe how it appears (and earn the First Link badge!)

I have borrowed ideas for this guide from the Namati online community

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