Adding a comand to the code in Section of UQLab User Manual on Bayesian inference

Dear UQLab team,

thank you for further improving UQlab by updating it so version 2.0.

I am now my way to transfer my codes from UQLab 1.4 to 2.0 and have now tested my test scripts following UQLab user manual – Bayesian inference for model calibration and inverse problems, also creating some new ones.
I have now a suggestion to be added to the code pieces shown in section, since I think that now there is some problem if one tries to perform the computations by following section 2.2.2 to section 2.2.5 and then inserts the code in section just before the definition of BayesOpts starts. Doing this, I created the file SCR_BI_to_2262.m (2.1 KB), that after execution will created the error

Error using uq_initialize_uq_inversion (line 51)
The prior needs to be specified, if uq_input object is used in discrepancy options

Error in uq_core_module/run_initialization_script (line 208)

Error in uq_core_analysis/add_module (line 96)
                success = this.run_initialization_script(obj);

Error in uq_createAnalysis (line 83)

Error in SCR_BI_to_2262 (line 56)
myBayesianAnalysis1a = uq_createAnalysis(BayesOpts);

as long as one does not uncomment the line 46 in the code.
I think than that one now has the problem that before uq_createAnalysis(BayesOpts); is executed the last call to uq_createInput created the INPUT object representing prior density for the discrepancy.
To avoid this possible source of irritation, I suggest to add to the piece of code on the
top of page 30 something like

% Since the last created INPUT object represents the prior density for 
% the discrepancy, and not the prior density for the considered parameters, 
% the Prior component in BayesOpts should be defined explicitly, 
% see also Section of this User Manua.l 
BayesOpts.Prior = myPriorDist;


P.S. I realized now that the BayesOpts.Prior problem is already discussed in Section of the manual, but if a reader that s trying ti implement the code in section he/she/they may not have already read this part of of the documentation, hence I still suggest to add this code in Section I just added in the comment in the code above the reference to section