Meta-model based reliability

Hello everyone,
I used PCK to build a surrogate model for an expensive finite element model. i need to conduct reliability analysis based on the developed surrogate model. I am having troubles defining the limit state function in UQlab. my limit state functions is simply as follows:
LS= Y(pck)-X(:,7)
where Y(pck) is the surrogate model output
and X(:,7) is the 7th input parameters.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Ziead_Metwally,

there’s a recent similar question in UQWorld about it:

Basically you need to create another MODEL that defines the limit state function with the help of a wrapper function. The question is regarding a UQLink MODEL but it should also work with any UQLab MODEL (including, PCK).

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!